Video & Audio Tape Transfer to DVD/USB

Using the very latest transfer equipment, we transcribe analogue recordings into digital files that can be stored on a USB device.

Keady Communications Ltd’s fast and effective transfer service ensures that these recordings are stored in a retrievable digital format. And are therefore protected against the ravages of time.

Our service is a fast, convenient and cost-effective method to protect old recordings. The transfer process doesn’t harm the original VHS or cassette tape, which are returned to the client upon completion of the service.

At we transfer video and Audio tapes to DVD, CD and USB.

Your tapes are always safe with us as We do all our Video and Audio tape transfers in house.

Not all tapes are in perfect condition. Mildew and broken tapes can often be salvaged to keep your memories alive. Call in to us in the Shoemaker Tower to get your tapes assessed.

For additional information on our analogue to digital transfer service, get in contact with Keady Communications Ltd today.